Cattigara (τὰ Καττίγαρα), a great city and port of the Sinae, S. of Thinae, near the mouth of the river Cottiaris on the E. side of the Sinus Magnus, opposite the Chersonesus Aurea. Ptolemy places it at the extreme E. and S. of the known world, in 177° E. long., and 8° 30′ S. lat., and Marcian calls it the southernmost city of the inhabited earth. It is one of Ptolemy's points of recorded astronomical observation, having 12 1/2 hours in its longest day, and being 8 hours E. of Alexandria; and the sun being vertically over it twice in the year, namely, at the distance of about 700 on either side of the summer solstice (Ptol. 1.11.114. § § 1--10, 17.5, 7.3.3, 8.27.14 ; Marcian. p. 30). Following the numbers of Ptolemy, Mannert seeks the city in Borneo, while others, relying rather on his general descriptions, after correcting the obvious and gross errors in his views of the SE. part of Asia, identify the place with Canton. (Mannert, vol. v. pp. 188, fol.; Forbiger, vol. ii. pp. 478--480.)

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